How I Finally Manage My Acute Fatigue

How I Finally Manage My Acute Fatigue


Before educating myself on alkaline promoting foods and weight lifting, I was one of those people that believed that weightlifting for women would leave you looking bulky and manly.

I avoid lifting heaving weight for years because of this mentality. I was an avid cardio type of girl who secretly judges other women when I saw them lifting heavy.

Today that old mindset has shifted. Shortly after having my son four years ago, I notice that I was excessively tired than normal. I convince myself that this is normal after all I was a busy mom. Mothers know having kids brings new sets of mental and physical challenges due to many factors which I will not go into today.

When I notice that everything I was doing to make me feel better wasn’t working, I visited my doctor. She argued that it was mostly because I wasn’t getting enough sleep and that I needed to stop stressing.

I was reluctant to accept her theory, so I insisted that she ran some test on me, She did, and the result came back stating that there was nothing medically wrong with me.

I was left perplexed, and that’s when Google and I became best friends. I research diet and food that helped increase energy and came up with more result than I could handle.

Alkaline diet caught my attention, and I decided to explore this option further by reading everything I could find about it. I call it divine intervention because Alkaline diet was what I needed precisely and it has since changed my life for the better.

My Alkaline diet method involves only eating whole foods that are high alkaline forming in the body than acidic. I modified the diet to fit my lifestyle.

I gave up, processed foods, refined sugars, gluten, white bread and red meat. For one low acidic food item, I’d eat two high alkaline forming food item to offset the acidic in my body.

Thirty days into starting my alkaline diet, I felt like a new person. It was a transformational experience, to say the least.

The fatigue decrease over seventy percent and after six months I had more energy than I know what to do with it. This new found energy led me to weightlifting, and I must say that my body is better than it was before I had a child.

What are some ways that you use to keep yourself energized?

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