Is An Only Child A Lonely Child?

Is An Only Child A Lonely Child?

Do having one child equals to having a lonely child? If you have one child like me, you probably get asked questions like these all the time.

  1. When are you going to have another baby?
  2. Don’t you know that it’s selfish to have one child?
  3. Don’t you know he’ll have nobody to play with?
  4. What if something happens to you?
  5. What if something happens to him, Don’t you know that you will be childless?

I am constantly bombarded by these question almost daily. My perspective is not that I am entirely opposed to having more children. I fundamentally believe in the natural progression of life so, right now I am content with having one child, it is working out perfectly for me, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

The work it takes to raise a child, in my opinion, is insurmountable that I cannot imagine having another child right now. Keep in mind that I love my son undoubtedly, but sometimes I need a break from him for about month just to reconnect with (wishful thinking I know).

As mothers, we are aware of how time and energy consuming caring for our children entails, but the workload is never 50/50 regarding men and women.  Whether married, with a partner, and especially if you are single parents.

Let me help tackle the above question one at a time. 

Selfishness? I wholeheartedly believe that we women we should sometimes be selfish, we give so much of ourselves, energy and time to others and we tend to put ourselves last. I refuse to be that woman any longer, and this is why you should take time for yourself as well.

Start a daily mindful practice, exercise, meditate, walk in nature, and it will be one of the best things you’ve ever have done for yourself. Anything that can help energize you and keep you mentally sharp.

He’ll have nobody to play with – My son has a lot of people to play, he’s got cousins, friends from school and he’s involved in plenty of activities with kids his age. At the end of the each day, he wants no one but his mommy to snuggle with and read him a bedtime story so he can go to sleep.

What if something happens to you? Whether you have one child or seven children, life happens. Who is to say that they are going to grief together ‘God forbid’ If something tragic does happen to me? Do you know how time I have seen and heard of families fighting over stupid things when someone is sick or dies?

Won’t you rather have one child that you’ve raised consciously with love make those decisions for you when you’re dying than have a bunch of kids fight over your material possessions as people do after the death of a loved one?

What if something happens to him? Again, There are many instances where individuals have tragically lost all of their kids at the same time, so this question is irrelevant. Nothing in life is secure or guaranteed.

Our essence as human beings is to be our authentic selves. We are responsible for our lives and our jobs as parents is to ensure that our children are consciously loved, mindfully guided, safe, and cared for. We tend to let society influence the direction we’d like our lives to take because we want to please others and keep up with the Jones. Learn to listen to your inner voice, go to that place in your heart where only love exist, gather some strength and live free.! stop letting people who know nothing about your intricate markings pressure you into making decisions. Be your own person and enjoy life. Remember that one decent child is way better than two or more messed up children

What are some of the issues you face as a one child-parent?

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