Vitamin E Oil For Dry Chapped Lips

Vitamin E Oil For Dry Chapped Lips

Winter weather brings many skin problems to the forefront. One of the more noticeable and annoying are chapped lips. Many times the best lip balm for dry lips in the market cannot suffice.

What is the cause of chapped lips? The lack of humidity in the air during the winter months, dehydration, and some medical condition are contributing factors for dry, cracked lips.

Our lips unlike the rest of the face do not produce its own oil, which is why finding the best lip treatment for dry lips is essential during these brutal winter months.

If you’ve struggled with constant dry lips for many years as I have, and you’ve unsuccessfully tried every home remedies for dry lips, then you have come to the right place.  

Vitamin E oil has an antioxidant that fights free radical and our constant lips exposure to the harmful environmental factors like radiation and smoking. Vitamin E oil can help fight the damage caused by harsh weather condition. 

First, you have to beware of vitamin e oil enriched products marketed as the best treatment for chapped lips . Instead look for 100% vitamin E oil in health food stores, and herbal shops.

Remove flaky skin by using a damp washcloth, massage slowly on dry, peeling lips for thirty seconds. Apply 100% vitamin e oil on your dry lips softly when you are ready to brave the cold weather or when at home. Repeat this method as needed or until your chap lips are fully restored.

This is the only product that has helped cure my chronic chapped lips . I hope you find this information helpful. Please share if you feel like this remedy will help others and let me know what you think in the comment below.

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