About Me

Hello, beautiful souls! My name is Aisha; I am a mother, a sister, a friend and a free spirit who loves all things creative. I am a self-professed yoga lover and my purpose in life aside from being a giver of life, is living consciously and motivating myself and others who seeks love and light. I live a holistic lifestyle and I have an innate love for nature. I also dabble in a little beauty and fashion. I am a foodie, I love to travel and my dream is sharing my passion for mindful living, wellness, and daily inspiration to all who seek it. Join me on a journey in becoming peaceful, tranquil and loving to ourselves and all whom we encounter.



The blog is a personal journey which I use as a creative outlet. Here I share my life experiences mainly as a mother. My parenting style is consciously drifting away from the typical everyday mindless living and incorporating positive parenting, spirituality, and mindful living. Here I will share natural and holistic life hacks, yoga, meditation, food, and mommy and kids fashion. I hope to invoke or foster a little personal growth to all who visit.